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individual lessons.............

If you wish to move via student visa, quick methods will work for you as it need 5.5 or 6. Regarding to the PR applicants, however, it cannot get well enough knowledge in the short duration because you have to face both native English speaking customer and native English speaking employer. That is the principle reason for requiring higher band scores from the permanent resident applicants.
Day by day IELTS standard is changing, which mean that you have to work hard for getting higher band scores. Don’t underestimate IELTS testing requirements which is language proficiency test most valuable for the skill test: that is your next step for getting PR. (Repeating exam will waste both your money and time)
Success in IELTS is based on using the right techniques. We will teach you how to maximise your band scores. As you know that band 7.0 or 7.5 in all is a magical number. In the examination, you will be examined 4 skills. Required band scores will differ according to your planning destination: Australia, Canada, the UK. (it needs band score 6.5 in all for moving to NZ but not always.)
Individual lessons for both academic and general training module will be discussed. Are you a repeated student from the examination several times?
Please do not hesitate to make a call! I am here to push you towards your goal.
Developing ideas is the main weakness among the students, and you can able to study various methods through these individual lessons.
Getting band score 7 for listening is sometimes not easy because most of students fail to answer multiple choice questions as well as section 3 and 4. In other words, it is clear that proper strategies must need to get higher band scores.
Repeating the exam is the worst nightmare.

Monthly fee will be charged / Monthly fee is Rs. 8000
කිහිපවරක් IELTS වලින් අවශ්ය band score එක ලබා ගැනීමට අසමත් වු අයදුම්කරුවෙකු වේනම්, මට පුලුවන් ඔබට සහායවන්න.


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