Fuel injector cleaning machine

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Rs 120,000

Fuel injector cleaning machine for sale!
We, at DigitZoneLanka provide the best fuel injector cleaner machine unlike the other machines you have encountered. This machine is also known as “Autool CT150”.
This injector cleaner and tester machine comes with a wide range of features.
Do not forget that we offer you a 01-year warranty for this product.
Bonus tip!
Moreover, GDI kit and 2-liter injector chemical will be free with petrol injector cleaner machine. Ultrasonic injector cleaner machine will be compatible with a wide range of applications especially including cars and motorcycles.
At present, this car injector cleaning machine has successfully surpassed many competitors in the industry and proudly own this leading technology. In addition, the fuel injector cleaner tester has reached the top among other machines due to its safety requirements.
For instance, if there are issues in the power supply, the fuse gets shut down immediately to prevent any damages. Not to mention the machine can be used with ease at the same it is very easier to operate the machine. Without any other assistance, you can even clean the machine using a fuel injector cleaner kit.
Be aware of these guidelines when using it!
First, before opening the machine, clean the injectors on the outside with cleaning liquid. Then after cleaning the outside of the injectors, place injectors in the ultrasonic bath. Then turn on the ultrasonic system to clean any remaining obstacles in the injectors.
Since, this machine will not be clogged due to the ultrasonic system and thus it will not be a burden to you at all. Moreover, we are ready to offer you technical support in any situation. Keep in your mind that it is pretty easy to remove carbon deposits without much hassle.
Injector cleaner machine price is only Rs120,000/=
Do not miss this excellent opportunity!
Want to grab further information?
Reach us through our hotline 0775400403

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