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Looking for the best car battery tester? Then here is your chance! \r\nDo not miss this golden opportunity!\r\nWe, at DigitZoneLanka will provide a 12v battery tester in order to effectively analyze the condition and assess any defects related to the battery. This tester’s original name is “Autool Battery System Tester (BT 760)”. Moreover, this is the best car battery analyzer that has been surpassed as for its widely used unique features. We can assure you of the safety of this vehicle battery tester with 6 months of warranty. As for its well-known applications and unique benefits, the battery & alternator tester is widely used in automotive and motor batteries. \r\nWe offer you the best car battery tester available in the automobile industry!\r\nThere will be several advantages including several features when using this car battery tester. The battery system tester will perform battery tests, cranking tests, charging tests, and maximum load tests on automotive and motor batteries. Not only that, the tester will allow all automotive cranking lead-acid batteries to be tested including regular lead-acid batteries, AGM spiral batteries, and gel batteries among others. Especially the tester will grant you the ability to assess the health of the battery as well as the battery life beforehand. In addition, the tester can detect a bad cell battery right away.\r\nAnother benefit is the involvement of an automotive battery tester with printer. With the ease of access of the battery tester with printer, you can instantly receive the results as a printed version. This is possible due to the in-built printer within the auto battery tester. \r\nNot only that you can use this battery tester anytime as per your needs and there is no need to charge it completely before using it. Furthermore, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese are the supported languages. \r\nMoreover, we are extremely glad to offer technical support in any situation.\r\nFor further information reach us through our hotline 0775400403….\r\nshowroom:\r\nNo 634/1\r\nJana Jaya City Mall,\r\nJinadasa Niyathapala Mawatha, \r\nRajagiriya.\r\nTags: Battery tester with printer, Automotive battery tester with printer, Battery & alternator tester, Auto battery tester, Best car battery tester ,12v battery tester, Car battery analyzer, Vehicle battery tester\r\n


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